9th Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition
29 - 31 August 2018 • Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Exhibitor feedback

Zheng’s Steak
The popularity of the exhibition was highly praised by industry insiders. Key figures from hotels and western restaurants all over the country were fascinated by our tasty Zheng's steak. They visited our booth, consulted us and tasted our food. Zheng's Steak has been well received. The exhibition has built a bridge between us and our potential customers and enabled face-to-face communication and negotiation.
                                        ——by: Zheng’s Steak industry news

Zhengdian Food
We are very grateful for the great success of the food exhibition. We'd like to express gratitude to each guest and new friend! With your support, we will grow better!
                                       ——by: Zhengdian WeChat

Le Yaoju
A few simple pictures alone cannot show you how crowded the exhibition was. Le Yaoju's staff were extremely busy with receiving the visitors who came to consult us. But seeing that Le Yaoju is greatly favored by the people, we feel very happy and believe that it's worthy of our efforts!  
——by: Le Yaoju WeChat

Cong Chu
On August 19, the first day of the exhibition, Cong Chu's Booth W5C026 was filled with visitors. Cong Chu offered professional services and quality products including Chinese food, Western food and group meals, and attracted numerous chefs and professional catering purchasers to consult and negotiate with us. 
                                           ——by:Cong Chu’s Club

DK Jiagong
The popularity of DK Jiagong is beyond description. The exhibition is unbeatable in terms of popularity, consulting, orders signed, cooperation and business development and has far exceeded our expectations! The popularity of DK Jiagong at the exhibition also proves our extraordinary strength and professional standards!
——by:DK Jiagong

Su Meiyang
As a benchmark of the catering and ingredients industry, the 8th SHICAI is one of the comprehensive, large, influential and quality events of the catering and ingredients industry in China. Su Meiyang participated in the exhibition as an impressive exhibitor and has won the favor of many catering industry customers in a high-end manner.
                                                  ——by:Su Meiyang News

Caoyuan Xinhe                               
On August 19, the 8th SHICAI kicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The three-day exhibition has now concluded. Grassland Xinhe, as an old friend of SHICAI, brought a wide variety of cooked food products for catering customers.
                                                  ——by:Caoyuan Xinhe